quinta-feira, 20 de fevereiro de 2014

Explosions - Ellie Goulding

Quem me segue sabe que adoro Ellie Goulding,
todas as músicas dela me dizem muito, e essa é uma delas.
You trembled like you'd seen a ghost
And I gave in
I lack the things you need the most, you said
Where have you been
You wasted all that sweetness
To run and hide
I wonder why
I remind you of the days you poured your heart into
But you never tried
I've fallen from grace
Took a blow to my face
I've loved and I've lost
I've loved and I've lost

On the day you wake up
Needing somebody and you've learned
It's okay to be afraid
But it will never be the same
It will never be the same

And as the floods move in
And your body starts to sink
I was the last thing on your mind
I know you better than you think
'Cause it's simple darling, I gave you a warning
Now everything you own is falling from the sky in pieces
So watch them fall with you, in slow motion
I pray that you will find peace of mind
And I'll find you another time
I'll love you, another time

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